United States vs. Manning

A timeline of the U.S. investigation between 2006 to 2013

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XXXXXXXXXX [ UNIDENTIFIED FIRST SERGEANT (1SG) ] He became the 1SG of the company in March of 2010. He will testify that he was briefed on Manning having an issue with another soldier. He believed that PFC Manning had gone to Combat Stress and seen a provider. The next thing he heard about PFC Manning was the assault of XXXXXXXXXX [ Specialist Jihrleah Showman ]. After the assault of XXXXXXXXXX [ Specialist Jihrleah Showman ], PFC Manning was moved to the Supply room. He will testify that XXXXXXXXXX [ Chief Warrant Officer, Four (CW4) Airsman ] did not talk to him about removing the bolt from PFC Manning's weapon. He also does not recall any discussions about sending PFC Manning back to the States or chaptering him out of the Army. He will also testify about CID coming into the unit and searching PFC Manning's living quarters and work space.
  Name(s:) David Coombs
  Title: civilian defense counsel
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Archive: http://archive.is/bb9SO
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